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Relationship, Gender and Sexuality Counseling


Areas of Practice

Relationship therapy

Are you and your partner(s) struggling with communication? Looking to improve intimate connection? Or did you recently have a child and now want to rekindle your relationship after baby? I work with couples to address a myriad of personal, sexual concerns in a sex-positive, non-judgmental way. I work with those who are in non-traditional relationships, moving through relationship agreements, want to explore differing sexual interests and communication and intimacy issues.

individual therapy

I have an ongoing mindfulness practice which is foundational to my practice. I work with individuals to address underlying anxiety to re-connect with the body. Whether it is healing through past trauma, reclaiming sexuality after birth or furthering connection with your partner I blend mindfulness based therapy philosophies with other standard therapeutic techniques.

Gender and sexuality Counseling

Sex can be a difficult topic for people to talk about, even to those who they love and trust.  Sex therapy can be a way to use sex as a tool to build a better life.  Healing shame from present or past sexual trauma and normalizing discussions around sex.


Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting, vulnerable time for parents. Welcoming a new life into the world provides unique challenges to individuals and couples.  Through my work as a birth doula and therapist I help clients prepare for potential issues that may come up.  I also am available to assist during postpartum to provide support through developing coping skills, new tools, building support and adjusting through this major life transition.



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