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7 Attitudes of Mindfulness of Jon Kabat-Zinn

In teaching and counseling I often refer to these attitudes of mindfulness.  I have listed them out below and will post future blogs with more in depth descriptions and individual examples.

7 Attitudes of Mindfulness from Jon Kabat-Zinn

Non-judging – do no harm, curiosity, acceptance (acknowledgement) Patience – always trying to get somewhere, do something, make it happen, achieve, driven, cultural expectation of immediate gratification – let yourself and let things unfold as they need to Beginner’s mind – curiosity about exploring the nature of your mind, who is seeing? who is thinking? Trust – faith in your own deepest experience, not what your mind thinks but in that deeper nonverbal, non-conceptual place of knowing, trust your intentions and wish to be free, to be happy Non-striving – no place to go, nothing to do, no one to be – not about achievement, it’s a way of being, being awake to the actual experience of your life rather than the fantasy world made up by the mind, there is only this moment, a series of moments ** Chinese word for busy = “heart-killing” Acceptance – acknowledge the reality of it, it is what it is, be with things as they are, not apathy, not condoning “bad” things, letting go of story Non-attachment (non clinging) – not getting lost in the story, the thinking is not you, the seeing is not you, letting go of resistance to reality, thinking is happening but “who is thinking?”, thoughts are experiences like clouds or weather moving through the sky, How many times have you imagined an entire awful scenario that didn’t actually happen? We do it all the time. It’s the awareness that is important not the object of awareness (breath, thought, sensation, event etc…)

which attitude do you find the most challenging?