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MBSR-Week 3

Week 3- SummaryDuring the third week of class we spent the majority of time in formal practice. We started with the 12 minute sitting breath awareness meditation and then participated in an hour of mindful yoga. After practicing the rest of the time was spent debriefing homework from the previous week. The comments highlighted the affects of being present and pleasurable moments. Group members described activities over the weekend such as hiking, baking cookies and spending time with loved ones. Fairly average events over the weekend. It was the quality of the events, what the person noticed on the hike, textures, smells, colors and sensations. Slowing down and taking time to notice details, appreciating pleasures. This part of informal daily practice of slowing down and noting emotions, thoughts and sensations builds a foundation of utilizing mindfulness. As one slows down and notices the thoughts and sensations than there is the opportunity to recognize it simply for what it is; a thought. Then like the formal practice when one notices a thought and then lets it go, one can practice simply noting a thought and moving the thought along instead of ruminating (or hanging on to a worry). The time carved out to practice the formal meditation strengthens the ability to use the techniques throughout the day. An example is being stuck in traffic. Specific tools

breath awareness meditation-(from the previous class)

mindful yoga sequence- (

This type of yoga utilizes the body, breath and movement awareness. The poses are done a little slower and sometimes held slightly longer. The article noted above is a sequence that Jon Kabat-Zinn uses. The practice is not strictly about the particular poses, but how the poses are done in correlation with the breath.


12 minute breathe awareness exercise

Mindful yoga sequence or Body Scan Meditation

Unpleasant events journal-noticing one thing daily that is unpleasant and later writing down sensations, thoughts and emotions that you noticed around that event.